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Wash-N-Bright Easy Wash Countertop Dish Washer

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Hate cleaning the dishes? Wash N Bright is the best solution for you! Just drop, rotate and rinse, for the fastest dish cleansing outcomes you will ever achieve! Suction pads solidly stick to goes under. The Wash N Bright is an environmentally friendly bowl cleaner. It's fine bristles methodically clean bowls. It cleans square or round crockery, cutlery, wine crystal, baby containers, trays and utensils and easily decreases lather, water and power utilised contrasted to manual hand cleaning. Unique design cleans inside and outside your dishes simultaneously, Saves time, energy, water and soap, Portable and lightweight, Made of durable plastic. It Washes plates, bowls, square baking trays, wine bottles, baby bottles, and more with Fine bristles thoroughly clean dishes. Clean square or round crockery, cutlery, wine glasses, even utensils. Work with all sizes of plates and bowls, even square baking trays. Over 10000 super cleaning bristles for that super shine. Perfect for cleaning baby bottles and accessories. Easy Dish Wash n Bright is not just for dishes. Clean forks and knives with one swipe. You will never cut yourself on that knife again.

Product Features
  • Fast and easy way to clean dishes, cup, glasses, and utensils
  • Save time, money and water 
  • Suction pads to hold it in place
  • Use just the right amount of soap
  • Convenient built-in drain valve
  • Opens with a push for easy clean
  • Fine bristles thoroughly clean dishes
  • No electricity required
  • Size : 33(L) x 26(W) x 29(H)
  • Washes plates, bowls, square baking trays, wine bottles, baby bottles, and more
  • 2 washing chambers and 1 rinsing chamber

Package includes:

  • 4 x suction pads
  • 2 x cleaning bristles
  • 1 x brush

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