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Universal Neck Masseger-KL-5830

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The neck massager is according to TCM blood, Blood Meridian, scattered wind pain principle. Combined with the experience of long term clinical practise, combined with the development of modern electronic science and technology of a new generation of cervical spine prevention and treatment of high tech products. It uses conforms to the cervical physiological curve of a human body ring streamlined design, using low-frequency electric pulse therapy, magnetic effect, infrared heating trinity, synchronization, multi-channel treatment to form an efficient composite energy field, arrive directly muscle bottom deep tissue and bone marrow. Throughout the course of the treatment, always maintain the correct posture of physiological posture, for the correct treatment of cervical spondylosis provides a scientific platform. Let your home can also enjoy the easy, efficient and enjoyable multifunctional system, so you get more value to enjoy!

According to the human body engineering design, aesthetic science, in accordance with the neck curve
The 2 Section 7 batteries, is safe and reliable
Low-frequency electric pulse, magnetic effect, ring traction three in one synchronization therapy to form an effective composite field
Using 3D smart fitting technology, according to the curve of your neck easily adjust the electrode, the use of more comfortable
2 kinds of automatic combination treatment mode, 4 kinds of manual treatment, can choose according to different needs, users widely.
The built in multiple health magnet, endocrine regulation for human acupoint magnetotheraphy, improve microcirculation

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1 x Neck Massager