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Total Core As Seen on TV

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Traditional crunches and sit ups can strain your neck and back, and waste precious energy at the beginning of the motion. Total Core by High Street TV starts you with your abs already engaged.

So you're getting maximum results all through your abs and obliques. The progressive power coils assist you through the most difficult part of the move, the upward motion, which means you can do more sit ups and exercise for longer with less stress and strain to your neck and back.

Total Core is your easy workout solution!


Easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels
Stress free, strain free workout
Get flat abs in just 10 days with the Quick Start Guide!
Suitable for all fitness levels, easy to set up, folds down for easy storage
Slim and tone your abs, obliques and lower back at the same time
Unique back support and resistance coils assist you on the way up and down
Easy to store - Total Core folds to just L22 x W18 x H7 (inches) – so it can easily fit under the bed or in a cupboard
Easy to set up - Total Core requires very minimal assembly and usually takes less than just one minute

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