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Stainless Steel Garlic Press

Stainless Steel Garlic Press

  • R 15000

As a superb kitchen tool this garlic press minces even unpeeled cloves of garlic with a cunningly engineered lever mechanism that requires minimal pressure.
Another nice touch is the mincing head that flicks open for easy rinsing. Pressing the handles afterward locks them together for storage.
Like another Open Kitchen storage components, the garlic press is made of stainless steel for rustproof beauty and long-lasting durability.
The round handles have a satin finish to conceal finger marks (in pleasing contrast to the mirror-finish head).
The handles are sealed against water, and one handle has a hanging ring so it can be conveniently stored on a hook in the Gridwalls or hung on any hook or peg.
The garlic press is sturdy, balanced, and exceptionally comfortable in the hand.

- Easy to clean hand presser won't rust, bend, break or weaken at the joint even after frequent use
- Easy-to-use handles are precision-engineered, providing optimal leverage with minimal effort
- Extra-large reservoir box lets you crush several cloves at once to help reduce preparation time
- Multi-purpose tool also lets you produce freshly pressed ginger with a squeeze of the handles

- 1. Material: Stainless Steel
- Weight: 0.18kg

- 1 x Garlic Press

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