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Portable Electronic Cooling and Warming Refrigerator - 7.5L

  • R 59000
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Storage of drinks and foods for journey, picnic, camping, yacht and at home or in the office To ensure a better refrigeration effect in a short time, please put pre-frozen drinks and fruits Features: - Plug and play. - Wide range of uses. On the long journey, you don't have to spend money and effort can be done: iced drinks / fruits / heating food. - Good heat insulation performance. Even after the plug is pulled out, it can be a long time to keep the heat or keep the cooling temperature. - Traps for carrying the braces can be disassembled, the top four concave holes can be placed cups or coke cans. - Upper cover mouth with magnetic strip, better thermal insulation. - The flip, convenient storage between the front seats in the armrest box position can also be put in the car seat, or is in the trunk. - Refrigeration, thermal switch conversion. - Technical Parameter - Power: 48W - Input voltage: 12V (vehicle type) or 220V, 12V (home car dual purpose) - Fuse specifications: 10A - Heating temperature: temperature to 65 degrees Celsius - Refrigeration temperature: lower than the ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius

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