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Portable 35L 2-in-1 AC/DC Cooling & Warming Refrigerator

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Product Features:
Store foods and drinks for journey, picnic, camping, yacht and at home or in the office
Portable & easy to carry everywhere
Dual Function: Cooling & Warming
Portable AC 110V-240V/DC 12V-24V 20L Refrigerator COLD OR WARM BOX for Car & Home

1. Use advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology.
2. Environmental protection and energy saving, no noise or pollution.
3. Cooler & Warmer.
4. Save electricity, long life, fashion and portable.
5. fast Refrigeration

Product Name: AC/DC Cooling & Warming Refrigerator
Voltage: AC 110V-220V for home use, DC 12V-24 for car use
Capacity: 35L
For cool: when environmental temperature is around 20 Centigrade, the lowest cool temperature can reach to -5 Centigrade
For warm: the highest warm temperature can reach to 65 Centigrade
AC Power: 70W for cool, 60W for heat ,
DC Power: 70W for cool, 60W for heat ,
Inside size: H 32cm , W 24cm ,D 42cm
Outside size: H 41cm ,W 30cm , D 60cm

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