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OzzyHome FreeBra Invisible Silicone Bra (Cup Size - D)

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The most charming parts of woman's figure should be the alluring beautiful shoulder and pretty back, but the traditional strap bra destroys all these. 
Now, the silicone bra is able to solve this problem easily. 
Without the of metal wire, straps and back clasps, girls can display freely those beautiful dresses which could show off female's charm, like braces dress, backless dress, shoulder-baring dress and transparent dress. Soft silicone material, self-adhesive bra cup, adheres to the bosom naturally and closely and does not fall off, instead become a part of the body.

Since you can hardly feel its existence, you can do whatever as you like. Front clasp bra cup can create alluring effect of the cleavage according to needs and could also prop the bosom and make the curves more charming and alluring.
This cool Invisible bra is your perfect companion for any occasions like prom, wedding,clubbing, or work!

Your Freebra adjusts to your chest for a perfect fit, and its adhesive surface sticks directly to your skin. Freebra will give you the feeling of complete freedom, and is both comfortable and clever. It may be a bit tricky to apply the bra the first time, but practice makes perfect! For added cleavage, put the Freebra further out towards your sides. 
The bra is easily cleaned for repeated use. If you take good care of your Freebra you can use it over and over again, for up to a 100 times! Just follow instructions that come with every pack. Strapless Bra is a thicker bra made out of 100% silicone for that perfect fit. The bra is easy to apply and really sticks to the skin. 
It is easily cleaned by hand with a mild soap and water.

- Washable
- Color : Nude
- Material : 100% Quality Soft Silicone
- Package : One Pair of Nipple Pad Freebra

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