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Olcor Large Display Digital LED Clock

Olcor Large Display Digital LED Clock

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Large Digital Display LED Clock

Never squint to see the time again. This bright LED clock is Large and easy to see from quite a distance. The huge high numbers are easy to see, providing good contrast for individuals with low vision. Use it at your bedside or mount it on the wall. This clock not only tells the time, but also, date and temperature, 12/24 hour operation

- Temperature, Date, Time, Calendar, High Precision 
- Easy to read: The extra Large screen features enLarged numbers that are easy to read from a distance. This is an essential feature for those who are aging or live with vision impairment.
- Stay up to date: This clock will keep you posted on not only the time, but also the date of the month and the day of the week so you can be informed

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