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Mini Personal Portable Electric Oven & Food Warmer

  • R 38700

Personal Portable Electric Oven is just what you need to enjoy fresh hot meals, reheated meals or perfectly cooked prepackaged meals anywhere.

It evenly heats your meals to preserve moisture and enhance flavor all in one small plug-in lunchbox!
You no longer have to worry about super-hot overcooked edges, no frozen centers and no worries about sharing a dirty microwave.

- Attractive, portable case
- Heat reflective interior: amplifies/maintains heat
- Energy Efficient: uses less energy than a microwave. Suitable for plastic, metal, glass, aluminum foil and cardboard containers
- Includes outer Polyester case
- Reinforced seams: durable
- Double zipper: quality construction
- Smart Self technology: no buttons, bells or programs
-More sanitary than a microwave because meals are cooked in a sealed container and the slow, even, heating eliminates splatter and exploding food.
- DImensions: 9.75'' L x 7.25'' W x 3.5''

Please note: product does not include glass dish pictured, but can heat glass, cardboard, plastic and foil containers.

What's in the box
1x Personal Mini Oven

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