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Led Flash Light- (White,Warm white,Blue and red)

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 presents police style car LED flashing lights (red and blue). It has unique features. It can glow by 4 types. It can be sticked to rear or front windshield of the car with the help of suction cups attatched. This Flasher provides safety in hazy weather conditions like fog, heavy rain. It consumes less power without putting any extra load on battery. To Glow the Flasher insert the plug into 12v current socket present in the vehicle and you are good to go. Refer the Video for fair Idea of Flasher.


  • 8-LED Strobe Lights - Green
  • Fits all vehicles with a 12V power source
  • High power and Easy to install
  • Flexible, durable and waterproof.
  • 3 Modes:

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