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LDNIO 4U Power Extension Cable & Adapter

LDNIO 4U Power Extension Cable & Adapter

  • R 34900

LDNIO 4U 2 m (SE4432) - Power Extension Cable (White)

The LDNIO 4U (SE4432) is a network extension with 4 CEE 7 plugs, a two-meter cable with a plug on the end and 4 USB type A connectors. The model provides safe connection to any compatible electrical equipment and is capable of operating at AC values ranging from 100 to 240 AT.

The 4-out extension cord for the LDNIO 4U has an ultra-light, fireproof, snow-white casing.
- In addition to the power connectors, the device has 4 USB ports for charging mobile gadgets with a current strength of up to 3.4 A.
- The maximum charge power can reach 17 watts.
- Also, the network extension cable has a large power button and a durable power cable with a convenient length of 2 meters.

-LDNIO 4U guarantees the safe use and connection of electrical appliances to the central grid.
-Each socket is equipped with protective curtains preventing mechanical penetration of foreign devices into the extension cord when not in use.
- Also the model provides protection of the connected equipment from short circuit, overload or overvoltage.

- Light compact design
- Fireproof enclosure
- 4 USB connectors for charging mobile gadgets
- Protective curtains on each outlet
- 2 meter power cord

Additional Information:
- Device type: network extension
- Rated Power: 10A, 250V
- Rated Power: 2500 W
- USB output: 5V 3.4A (Auto Max) 17W
- Using the ambient temperature: -10 ? ~ 40 ?
- Flame retardant: 750 ?
- Impedance: 75N
- Fork type: EU standard

  • Cord length: 2 m
  • Number of outlets: 4
  • Earthing contact: yes
  • Short circuit protection: yes
  • Overload protection: yes
  • Overvoltage protection: yes
  • Fireproof enclosure: yes
  • USB port: 4
  • Housing material: plastic

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