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Inflatable Neck Traction Device

  • R 20400

- Prevent and relieve neck and shoulder tension
- Soft Material for Maximum Comfort
- Adjustable straps
- Multiple Air Layers for Added Support
- This inflatable neck traction device has a soft head and neck support. 

- Properly position the unit under the jaw to partially unload the cervical spine and help support the weight of the head. 

- It also helps keep the neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion.
- Prevent and relieve neck and shoulder tension
- Light weight, soft, and adjustable
- Convenient, portable, and comfortable

Suitable for:
- Reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain while working, studying, driving, etc.
- Helps to avoid motions that might cause pain
- Support and correct neck posture
- Provide firm and comfortable support


- Material: PVC and Flannelette
- Size: One Size Fits Most
- Style: One Tube, Three Tubes
- Colours: Full Flannelette Blue, Half Flannelette Brown

How to Use:
- Use a mirror as a reference to position the device correctly. You can use the two nylon straps in the front to adjust the fit.
- Before inflation, push the blue wheel on the airlock down away from the hand pump.
- Use the pump to inflate to your preference, then roll the wheel back to lock the air in.
- Use 2-3 times per day, at least 30 minutes per session.
- Deflate by unlocking airlock and twisting open the screw connected to the pump.

Note: Suggest releasing the air when you complete the use to protect the device.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Neck Traction

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