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  • R 29900

                                            HURRICANE MUSCLE SCRUBBER



Set Cleaning tools powerful hurricane muscle scrubber cleaning brush


The Hurricane Muscle Scrubber is a cordless scrub brush created to clean all types of outdoor dirt and debris. Outdoor patio furniture often accumulates dirt, grime, mold, mildew and sometimes depending on climate, even algae which can all be cleaned easily and efficiently with this scrubber. There are four different brush pads which all spin at a quick speed of 500 RPMs so the force is able to brush through all kinds of outdoor dirt.


The Hurricane Muscle Scrubber uses a powerful spin and so time is saved by blasting away the dirt instead of using brute human force in order to do the work. Often caked on dirt on outdoor surfaces is extremely hard to clean and takes a lot of time to address.

1 x hurricane muscle scrubber