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Garden Expandable Hose Pipe With Nozzle

  • R 14900
  • Save R 150

- Quickly expands to 3 times its original size when water is turned on
- Fully retracts to the original length when water is off
- Equipped with a 7-in-one nozzle for watering plants and washing
- Equipped with a spray nozzle, which is made of high quality ABS plastic
- Covered with polyester fabric to protect the inner tube
- Ergonomic handle of the spray nozzle, comfortable to use
- Latex tube, wear resistant, can be stretched or bent
- Multi uses in daily life, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc
- Light weight & portable size, convenient to carry, use & Easy to store & fits in compact storage locations

- Inner Tube: Latex Rubber
- Outer: Webbed Polyester Fabric
- Attachments: ABS Plastic
- 0 - 5 bar water pressure
- Weight: 435g
- Color: Green

- Before using your hose place the rubber washer firmly inside the female coupling. This will prevent leaking
- Turn the on/off value at the end of your Hose to the off position
- Turn the water on at the source & your Hose will automatically expand to its maximum length
- For first time using the Hose it is recommended that you first fill the hose & slightly stretch the hose to release any tightness in the outer folded material. Then release the water & refill normally

What's in the box
1 x 15M Expandable Hose
1 x Spray Gun Nozzle

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