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Fitness PVC Non-slip Yoga Mat Pad

  • R 19900

AT Fitness PVC Non-slip Yoga Mat Pad

- 173cm x 60cm is large enough to let you stretch
- Very light weight to carry with.
- Lightweight mat is comfortable and durable, great for many leisure activities.
- Great for camping, hiking, Fishing, yoga mat, Beach Mat and mountaineering as it keeps cold and dampness away from the body.
- Can also be used for many floor exercises, for sitting in the garden, picnics, etc.
- The mat is waterproof and can be easily wiped clean.

- Material Premium PVC
- Size 173cm x 60cm x 0.4 cm
- Use yoga,excercise Protection, outdoor picnic, Beach mat, home cushion
- Maintenance hand or machine wash is OK. Washing with daily laundry with washing. (Should not be added to bleach when washing, add a little softener better.)

Packet content:
- 1 x yoga mat

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