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  • R 19900

Reducing wet dog odor
Quickly drying your dog after a bath
Drying your dog after a rainy day walk
Warming your dog from cold winter walks
Helping to relieve the fearfulness of a blow dryer
Quick drying a dog’s undercoat from the wet grass
Removing icicles from your dog’s fur in the winter
Drying your dog after they jumped into a pool

1. EXTRA SMALL 7"-11"  ( pomerain, yorkies, maltese...)

2. SMALL 12"-16"  ( pugs, beagles, bonston terriers...)

3. MEDIUM 17"-21" ( chow, collies, spaniels, bulldogs...)

4. LAEGE 21"-25" ( labrador and golden Retrievers, shepherds,Weimaraners...)

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