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Digital Price Computing Scale (40kg) - Kitchen & Industrial Use with New LED Display (Rystel)

Digital Price Computing Scale (40kg) - Kitchen & Industrial Use with New LED Display (Rystel)

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- Front and Back Led Display
- Capacity 40kg / Division 5g
- The front has the input keyboard and the front and back both have the following: Weight (KG), Unit Price and Total Price.
- So you and your customer can see the price of what is being bought.
- Stainless Steel Platform
- 5-digit Readout for Weight & Unit Price, 6-digit Readout for Total Price
- Highly Accurate & Reliable Reading
- Fuse Protected for Safety
- Rechargeable Battery or Directly Plug-in Power Cord

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This scale is an accurate measuring piece of equipment most suitable for Super Markets, Grocery Stores, and other retail outlets.
It is a versatile machine because it also runs on rechargeable battery in case of lack of mains power.
The scale will also automatically switch off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power.

This scale has digital displays on the front and rear of the scale. 
This is great for a Fish Market, Meat Market, Cafeteria, Grocery, Restaurant and more!
This scale is very lightweight and has a durable stainless steel top for easy clean-up! 

Main Functions:
- Dual LED Display: front LED display ( for owners ) & back LED display ( for customers )
- Tare Function: measure the net weight of the items
- Zero Key: reset the readouts
- Accumulation Operation: sum up the total price for different items with different price, up to 99 times accumulation
- Unit Price Memorizing: 4 buttons (M1 - M4) for memorizing unit price frequently used
- Overloading Indicator: "Full" will be displayed in Weight Pane and "----" in Unit Price Pane and meanwhile alarming when overloaded
- Sleep-mode: item will automatically switch to sleep-mode when idle

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