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Biometric Employee Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

Biometric Employee Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

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No longer swipe card or RFID Cards. Concord speed finger response rate.
The finger scanner unit is also a portable unit that can be mounted in a variety of locations.

Fingerprint Time Attendance System is a clever biometric system to keep track of your employees, which also has a 2.8/3 Inch Display plus a huge 64 000 Record Capacity.

The employees will not be able to 'cheat' or 'trick' the system, for example trying to clock in for a colleague who is late to work as everyone's fingerprint is unique meaning all records will be fair and honest. Also, there will never be the hassle of forgetting their attendance card or clock-in card as long as they are present then they can check in.

- Designed to help manage employees and employers manage attendance record
- this fingerprint time attendance system uses biometric reorganization to register each employee that clocks in and out
- There is a TFT display screen plus a biometric fingerprint scanner to allow employees to clock in easily
- There are many advantages to this system, firstly it eliminates the need of name cards and paper work as everything is stored on the system itself
- It takes less a second for the system to recognize the employee's fingerprint and then the employee will know exactly the time they have clocked in
- The fingerprint capacity of this system is 512, meaning that one system could easily be used to maintain and monitor the records of a whole factory plus office staff
- All information and records can be downloaded via a USB flash drive as this system has a built-in USB port making it easy for managers and HR staff to keep track of the
- records, plus the record capacity is incredibly large as it can hold up to 64 000 records meaning that it can easily last a long time before it becomes full
- Smart Fingerprint Update
- Adopts Energy-saving fingerprint sensor and power management function. Highly Accurate
- Fingerprint Recognition
- Suitable for the entrances and exits of Business, warehouse, retail, office, factory, hotel, school, etc.
- Lightning Fast Fingerprint Recognition
- Low False Acceptance Rate

- Fingerprint Capacity: 512 individuals
- Record capacity: 64 000 records
- Access mode: Fingerprint / ID No. + Password
- Access control function: Not supported
- Privilege management: Administrator, Super user, user
- Memory disk function: Upload or download data or reports
- LCD Display: HD Coloured screen
- Warning tone: Tone for critical incidents/error operation/menu audio effect/message play
- Voice prompt: High-definition Pronunciation
- Warning tone: Critical incidents /error operation/ menu audio effect/ message play
- Fingerprint sensor: High hardness optical fingerprint collection device
- Easy to use. Software free/Not required
- Memory stick function: Upload/download data
- Export Excel report: Yes
- Method to record information: download with USB-disk
- Communication: U-Disk
- U-Disk download /upload: Yes

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