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  • R 38900
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 Main Features:
• Car LED lighting: LED lights help to eliminate darkness
• Car vacuum cleaner: powerful wet / dry 12V 120W vacuum cleaner 
• Tire pressure detector: tire pressure gauge prevents over-inflation and accurately measures the pressure value
• Air pump: anytime, anywhere tire inflator to help you with pneumatic tires
• Ergonomic design, convenient and lightweight
• Cleanable filter to reduce secondary pollution and keep the air inside the car fresh
• Powerful multi-layer filter coupled motor provides powerful cyclonic suction for vacuuming and reducing time
• Discreet system enhances overall engine cleaning experience by producing minimal noise
• Superior suction, allowing you to easily clean every corner of your home or car, removing every tiny dust, debris, pet dander and even liquids
• Removable, washable filter for easy cleaning and tidy cleaning.
• Full copper engine, turbocharged, full copper wire, wet and dry

Material: ABS
Input power: 120W
Input voltage: DC 12V
Vacuum suction: 3000mba
Rated speed: 3000 W ( r/min )

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