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Fed up with Monopoly and Connect 4? Junior 30 Seconds is a brand new board game described as “quick thinking, fast talking”. Find out what Jill and her daughters thought of the Junior 30 Seconds game in our latest board games review:

Product tested – the lowdown!

junior 30 seconds board gameJunior 30 Seconds is a “quick thinking, fast talking” description board game aimed at primary school aged kids. It is suitable for any group, party or family, big or small.

Each player on their team has 30 seconds to describe 5 words on a card to the other members without naming the words or giving any letters for the words. Words can be nouns, verbs etc. For example, you might have cat, glass, run, burp and tickle on a card.

There’s an hour glass to count the 30 seconds down and a set of cards as well as counters and a board that you move around.

30 Seconds is also available and is suitable for ages 12+. The content of the adult version of the board game (both Irish & international) is based on names & topics that most people will be familiar with including celebrities & famous people from film, music, sport, politicians (only a few!), places, songs, bands, books, TV, movies, shops & brands.

What the Tester thought

We love this game! It’s easy to get the hang of the rules and easy to play. There is a good mix of hard and easy words on each card of 5 words and it’s amazing how quickly you get into the game.

You have to either add or subtract from the score you get for each card to work out how many spaces to move around the board and the first team to reach the end wins.

In a way the board is immaterial, it’s really the fun of the other team members having to guess the words within the 30 seconds that makes it so fun. (You don’t even need teams if you don’t have enough you can just take it in turns to be the word describer.Her older sister aged 13 also enjoyed playing it with us and when her friend was visiting we had 2 teams of 2 which was great fun as well.

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