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220V Infrared Motion Sensor for Outdoor Lighting

220V Infrared Motion Sensor for Outdoor Lighting

  • R 7900

Ming- mounted infrared body sensor switch

The smart new products, increase the sensor sensitivity can be adjusted (using the SENS knob to adjust) function, increasing the sensor head can be up and down and left and right (up and down 90 degrees, about 160 degrees) can adjust the function, but also increased the induction angle Product systemic waterproof, can be used indoors and outdoors
The maximum sensing distance of 10 meters, infrared sensing element refers to the maximum detection range, in actual use, it may be due to environmental temperature, installation method, be affected by the position of the detection object, hot and cold air and other factors, the actual detection distance of less than 12 meters

- Input voltage: 220V
- Maximum detection distance: 10 meters
- Sensing distance adjustment range: 5 m - 10 meters (SENS knob)
- Delay time can be adjusted range: 5 seconds - 600 seconds (TIME knob)
- Working time adjustment range: Night work / work day and night (LUX knob)
- All load power 10A relay control, available energy- saving lamps, LED lamps, incandescent lamps, exhaust fans, solenoid valves, monitoring equipment

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