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12W heavy duty Solar Led street Light/Solar Garden Lights WaterProof

  • R 1,49900
  • Save R 1,800

Adjustable direction of the solar panels more efficient absorption spectrum. Automatic intelligent light control, solar charging during the day, evening automatic light.
Installation is simple, convenient, economical and practical, the most suitable housing, roads and so on.

Solar panels: 12W
Led lights: 12W
Color Tempreture: 6000K
Lumens: 1200lm
Waterproof: IP65
Charging Time: 8-10Hrs
Discharging Time: 7-10Hrs
Automated switch- auto on at night/auto off at sunrise

Time: normal sunlight 8-10 hours, you can use a night work (such as hours of sunshine lighting time shortage will affect the amount of sunlight the actual date).

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