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Mercedes 2000 Manicure pedicure set white

Mercedes 2000 Manicure pedicure set white

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Milling machine for professional nail technician

Multifunction: Filing nails, polishing, removing the old layer of nail polish and reconstructions

Suitable for precision work

It allows the safe and accurate removal of skins and corns

Variable speed milling machine 

Possibility to change the rotation

Silent and regular operation


Power supply: 230V

Power supply output voltage: 0-17V (with regulator) 

Power: 10W 

Maximum speed: 20000 RPM

Rotation speed - 18,300 - 20,000 rpm (empty)

Rotation speed - 16,000 - 18,500 rpm (under load)

Includes the following:



1 x base unit 

1 x mobile unit

1 x head socket 

5 x Tips

1 x 1 Tip for Pedicure


6 x Abrasive plugs

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